“Guapo in the Park of Titans”

Thank you to all who came out to Roger Trigaux’s Rock in Opposition Festival in Carmaux last weekend. It was an immense pleasure for us to perform alongside so many bands we admire in front of such a gracious audience. Hamatai!

Daniel, Dave, Kavus and James

2 thoughts on “Rock in Opposition Festival

  1. It was an immense pleasure for us to see and hear you on stage guys. Great concert. One of my festival’s favourites.
    Javi from Barcelona.

    P.D. Your “Five suns” CD is great too.

  2. Hi Guapos, your show in the RIO festvial was just jaw-dropping. It was much more powerful than your recorded work (no offence), so I was literally in TEARS after the concert (rare occassion for me).

    I wish you all the best in the future, and I hope you’ll be able to re-create the live Guapo power in your studio recordings.

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