Presented by Spike Island and hosted by Arnolfini…

Tai Shani’s
“Empire & Daughter Isotope”

Saturday 28th March 7pm
16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA
Tickets £3/£2

An Exclusive Ritual Extravaganza performance
An Epic Synthetic Grey Magic Sacrifice and Resurrection of 12 Uncorrupted Virgins!

Featuring a live score by masters of Doom / Avant Prog, GUAPO…

A performance created by Tai Shani: A Minnie Mouse High Priestess conducts the ceremony, while above looms the spectre of notorious Satanist Anton LaVey, re-enacting his famous 1964 Jaybird Magazine poses. With the participation of The Forever Travelling Salesmen, Walking, Talking, Living Sex Dolls and The Messenger Majorettes.

From the dead the 12 shall rise, strangely animate but dead already and dead again, more than ever before, Daughters Isotope: THEY ARE DEAD, WE ARE NOT, WE ARE YOURS.

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